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Welcome to the
Demonstration Garden at The Flower Fields® at Carlsbad Ranch

5704 Paseo Del Norte
Carlsbad, CA 92008
March 1 to May 10, 2015
9 am to 6 pm Daily

The UCCE Master Gardener Program of San Diego County Demonstration Garden has returned to The Flower Fields® of Carlsbad Ranch. The theme for this second year partnership is Mediterranean Climate Zones with demonstrations showcasing plants from these unique areas around the world many of which are easily found in San Diego. The demonstration also highlights how the home gardener can have an easily maintained and colorful garden that is water wise and Earth-Friendly.

There are five widely separated Mediterranean climate zones around the world - the Mediterranean Sea Basin, California, Chile, South Africa and Australia.  All share mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.  All the zones are concentrated within the latitudes of 30° and 45° about halfway from the equator to the poles.  All are located on the western or southwestern coast of the continents.  The Mediterranean Sea Basin has the largest region of land (60%) followed by Australia (22%), California(10%), Chile (5%) and the western Cape of South Africa (3%).  This shared climate pattern allows for similarity among the plants that can be grown successfully.  Each area, however, does have native plants associated with their region.*  For more information please go to 'Mediterranean Climate' by Melvin R. George at


The Demonstration Garden features plants that are native to four of the five regions - Mediterranean Sea Basin, California, South Africa and Australia.  Upon entering the Demonstration Garden, visitors will see  two beds with plants from the California Mediterranean zone.  Next is an area that features plants native to Australia, alongside a display that has plants native to South Africa. The fourth area features plants associated with the Mediterranean Sea Basin.  The nearby patio shows a combination of water wise plants with representatives from all the zones.

The California climate lets us mix and match many plants from the many Mediterranean climate zones.  The Grass Mosaic Garden showcases the colorful and textural contrast achieved through using a variety of drought tolerant grasses. The Butterfly Garden provides plants that welcome birds, attracts butterflies and encourages bees to pollinate.  The Culinary Herb Garden has herbs from all the zones.

A drought tolerant favorite - succulents - are featured in the elevated planter bed.  Here the form, texture and color of the succulents weave a vibrant tapestry. Many of the succulents originated in South Africa and thrive in the California climate.

From coastal sage to chaparral, California native plants abound.  Using them in the garden reduces water use, saves you time and energy and provide a vibrant garden year round.  The California Native garden features a selection of our native plants.

And just for fun there are Straw Bales!  The straw bales demonstrate that gardening can be done just about anywhere.

The Flower Fields® of Carlsbad Ranch is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm beginning on March 1, 2015 through May 10, 2015. More information including directions can be found at

* Reference: Plant Life in the World's Mediterranean Climate by Peter R. Dallman, 1998

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UCCE Master Gardener Program of San Diego County Demonstration Garden possible: