San Diego Fair
Sustainability Master Gardener Award
June, 2012

For the second year in a row, the San Diego Master Gardener Association presented an award at the San Diego Fair honoring a garden that displayed outstanding sustainability. Our award is given to a demo garden that displays examples of water conservation, waste reduction, energy saving, wildlife habitat, pollution minimization and also contributes to a healthy community. It was a challenging choice for many reasons. The award was given to The Garden of Cosmic Contemplation by Allee Landscape Design for the above reasons as well as the unusual layout.

The word cosmic is derived from the Greek and means an orderly, harmonious arrangement or system.  This garden gives a feeling of serenity and harmony.  It is a place of quiet contemplation and reflection.  One can visualize resting by the trees there and watching the grasses blowing in the wind while imagining the sound of a gentle stream. There is also a meditation orb.

It is symmetrical, clean and modern with use of low water plants, sand set hardscape and a  waterless water feature.  There is recycled material used in the stucco backdrop, low voltage lighting with LED bulbs and  trees and grasses that require minimal care.

All plants are classified in WUCOLS, Water Use Classification of Landscape Species, as low water use.  The trees decrease CO2, ozone and small particulate in the atmosphere and prevent soil erosion.  They also help control water pollution, reduce utility bills and provide wildlife habitat.  The stucco is made from 10 percent recycled material.  The quartz flagstone is sand set to allow water to percolate into the ground.  The decorative glass is 100 percent recycled as is the gravel which is made from recycled roof tiles, concrete pavers and concrete block.