Grow the Scent of Spring

Along with the heady smell of citrus blossoms, the perfume of jasmine signals the arrival of spring here. Plus its tiny star-shaped white blossoms elegantly dress any structure this strong evergreen vine embraces. A native of China, Jasminum polyanthum is sometimes known as pink jasmine for its rose-hued flower buds or winter jasmine for the start of its bloom cycle. Handsome foliage is dark green with a lighter green underside. A vigorous grower, this vine can reach 20 feet, easily covering a fence or trellis. The sweet scent, a staple in perfumes for centuries, lures pollinating moths but works its magic on humans too, so plant it where you can enjoy it. The vine can be cut back hard after bloom to clean up the plant and promote growth for next year's spring flowers. Jasminum polyanthum is available in most area nurseries.


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