Grow Root crops

carrotThe warming but still cool weather now is ideal for easy-to-grow root crops including carrots, beets and radishes, to name a few. They will grow quickly from seeds planted in well-tilled beds or containers with nutrient-rich, well-draining potting soil. Mulch to keep seedlings cool and moist; water regularly to encourage well-formed roots; and harvest often while these veggies are sweet and succulent. For variety, try some of seeds woman Rene Shepherd's recent introductions, including her 'Circus Circus' carrots in shades of orange, white and dark purple, 'Pink Punch' round radishes, and 'Watermelon' radishes with pale green skin and pink interiors. (Order them at Then add these salad mates to a new crop of lettuce or mesclun for a tasty spring treat.


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