Prestige pumpkins

Cinderella's Carriage

Some are designer favorites - the so-called deep-lobed Cinderella pumpkins romanticized as the fairytale's magical coach and the mini pumpkins that dot tables at Thanksgiving.  Others are a cook's best friend - sweet pumpkins perfect for soups, pies and other holiday favorites. And some are a kid's delight - big orange orbs ideal for spooky carving. Now with Renee's Garden Seeds, all can be grown in home gardens. Order seeds now for "Cinderella's Carriage," baby "Mini Jacks," "Holiday Mix" of sugar and Jack ‘O Lantern pumpkins, and , if size matters, "Wyatt's Wonder"  to grow contest-worthy monsters up to 150 pounds. Packets are $2.79 each at Inland, plant these heat-lovers as early as late April, as soon as the days and soil warm. Along the coast, wait until mid-May or June.


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