Check Irrigation Systems

Make the most of every drop of water in the hot months ahead by inspecting and fine-tuning irrigation systems now, while the weather is mild. Manually turn on segments and check for leaks and over-spraying or malfunctioning sprayers. Drip emitters sometimes clog, while sprayers may be diverted by leaves or stems. Growing plants may need additional drip emitters and/or longer irrigations. If new equipment is needed, consider installing weather-based “smart” irrigation controllers and efficient rotating nozzles. Rebates may be available for both; check for details. Monitor irrigation for run-off, particularly off sloped areas. If there is a problem with runoff, change the watering schedule to water briefly, pause and then water again to increase absorption. Even an up-dated system will need regular monitoring and adjustments during the heat of summer and fall. More water-saving suggestions are at


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