Gardenia Savvy

Their creamy petals and potent perfume make gardenias a favorite wedding flower. Gardeners, though, often are wary of gardenias in the landscape because of their finicky reputation. To succeed with these plants, be sure to buy varieties on grafted root stock. When classic Gardenia augusta (formerly G. jasminoides) varieties like ‘Veitchii,’ ‘Mystery,’ and ‘White Gem’ are grafted on to root stock of G. thunbergia, the plants are more tolerant of our alkaline soil and water. Tags will say if the plant is grafted. Also expect to pay more for grafted plants. Locate gardenias is bright shade, keep evenly moist but not wet and feed regularly with an acid plant formula, especially if container grown. G. thunbergia, when not grafted, grows into a large shrub or small tree with beautiful blooms in winter.


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