Sage in the Kitchen

Fresh sage flavors many of fall’s favorite dishes, including the Thanksgiving Day feast. To have snips from the garden available throughout the season, plant a culinary sage (Salvia officinalis) now while the soil and temperatures are warm. This drought-tolerant Mediterranean native likes sharp-draining soil in a sunny location. A short lived perennial, it should be replaced when it gets woody or leggy. Some named varieties with showy flowers and variegated foliage can be mixed with ornamentals in an eye-pleasing edible landscape. Look for ‘Tricolor’ with cream, pink and gray-green leaves, ‘Purpurascens’ with red-flushed new foliage, and ‘Aurae’ with gold and gray-green leaves. ‘Holt’s Mammoth’ has 4- to 5-inch long leaves.


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