Native Care at Planting Time

California natives thrive in the garden with some special care, especially at planting time. Tree of Life native plant nursery suggests making the planting hole twice as deep and wide as the plant’s container. In general, don’t add soil amendments or fertilizers; native plants like native soil. Fill the planting hole with water and let it drain before inserting the plant. Place the plant in the hole so it is about an inch above ground level, then begin adding back fill, wetting it down before adding more. When the hole is filled, create a water basin around the plant and fill with mulch over to the root ball, but not touching the base of the plant. Water thoroughly…and then water again.  Water often enough to keep the root ball from drying out completely until roots grow into the native soil.  If rains are absent or light, water thoroughly every week for two or three months to help the plant become established. More on native plant care is at


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