Extend the Life of Other Holiday Plants

Many other holiday plants – amaryllis, rosemary, Christmas cactus, kalanchoe, living Christmas trees – also can be moved into the garden and enjoyed for months to come. For a successful transition, start by removing the festive foils around pots to preserve root health. Avoid deadly over watering; as a rule of thumb, water thoroughly and don’t water again until the soil is almost dry. Amaryllis and Christmas cactus will continue to bloom and thrive inside for a few weeks in a sunny but cool spot. Living Christmas trees, rosemary and kalanchoe prefer to be outside as soon as possible. When moving these plants outside, “harden them off” with exposure to a cooler, sheltered area for a few hours a day. Gradually increase the time outdoors so the plant can adjust to temperature and light fluctuations. Given the danger of frost, don’t encourage tender new growth with fertilizer. By the time spring arrives, these plants will be ready for a permanent place in the landscape


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