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Building a Garden Team

Building a Garden Team

It is important to cultivate the support of a team to assist with the implementation of a garden-based education.

From the administrators who provide overall support, to the teachers who direct meaningful activity, to the parents who organize work parties, and to the maintenance staff who may assist with irrigation and supplies, it takes the help of everyone - not just one or two interested teachers - to make a school garden work successfully.

Don’t try to start too big or move too fast. You need to build ownership and responsibility for all garden spaces.

Parents, teachers, students, maintenance personnel, and administrative staff should all be partners. This will connect them with the garden and ensure their commitment to its success. A summary of the garden plan should be given to administrators to keep them informed of your progress.

The summary might answer these questions:

  • Why have a school garden program?
  • What are your goals and objectives?
  • How will you evaluate your success?
  • Who is providing the leadership?
  • Who will be on the planning committee and what is their role?
  • Has a site been identified?
  • How much space is needed?
  • How will the children be involved?
  • What tools and garden supplies are needed?
  • How much money is required and have funding sources been identified?
  • What is the length of the program?