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Garden Etiquette and Safety

Garden Etiquette and Safety

Garden Etiquette
Consider incorporating the following ideas:

  • Be fair and courteous.
  • Take care not to step into the beds and crush the young plants.
  • Garden soil should not be walked on (this compacts the soil and makes it hard for the plants to grow).
  • Share tools.
  • Always clean tools before placing in designated area.
  • Help keep litter and trash picked up.
  • Plant in the soil; do not play with it.
  • Always water gently so seeds and plants are not washed away.
  • Water your plants, not your friends.
  • Bugs are busy, watch them work.
  • Touch everything, but pick nothing unless you ask the teacher first.
A colorful poster in the garden will remind
students of the safety and/or etiquette rules.

Garden Safety
Safety guidelines might include:

  • Tools are to be kept below the waist.
  • Stay in the garden with your teacher.
  • Walk. Don’t run in the garden.
  • Pointed tools should be laid down with the points in the ground.
  • Never use tools as toys.
  • Keep tools out of pathways.
  • Be responsible and have fun.