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For specific grade level ideas linking the garden with math curriculum, you might print a hard copy of Life Lab's Common Core Math and English Language Arts Standards We Can Frequently Reinforce in Gardening, Cooking and Tasting Activities.  Click on Common Core Connections.

For younger students, use the garden for counting, sorting, comparing, and charting.

  1. Sprout an avocado seed or sweet potato in water. Then measure and chart the root and top growth.
  2. Count the number of seeds planted and the number that sprout. Subtract the number that are thinned or die.
  3. Use the garden to teach beginning measurement.
  4. Sell produce in a classroom farmer's market to teach money concepts and the use of currency.

For older students:

  1. Record measurements in the garden using the metric system.
  2. Chart daily soil and air temperature, then graph, and compute averages.
  3. Graph and compute average rainfall levels using a rain gauge.
  4. Make a sundial.
  5. Measure the length and change in direction of shadows over the course of a day; compare with measurements taken in different seasons.
  6. Create lessons for division, area, perimeter, fractions, and percentages using the garden and garden beds.
  7. Teach economics and business concepts by selling produce or flowers from the garden.
  8. Teach scale drawing for garden designs.
  9. Grow raised beds using the Square Foot Garden method.  Square Foot Gardening